League of Legends


Tournament Eligibility

  • All players must create a Battlefly account. Already-existing accounts may be used.
  • Accounts used for tournaments must belong to the player. Borrowed accounts are not allowed.
    ● Players with an account that is banned/suspended at the time of registration / competition are ineligible to participate in the tournament.
    ● Players and team coordinators may not sign up with more than one team.


● The bracket format is yet to be determined and depends on schedule. We will decide on either:

  1. Double elimination bracket
  2. Group stage round robin into single elimination bracket
  3. A swiss-style bracket leading into single elimination bracket


In any of the three formats, the semi-finals and finals will be played on Sunday.


Administrative Rules
● Profile names must exactly match the names presented during team registration. However, clan tags may be added to the front of each name if desired.
● All team captains must join the “MLC” discord server. ( Server Coming Soon )
● All team captains must add the main admin (COMING SOON) on their friends list, in order to provide a method of private communication if necessary. The main admin will be identified in the MLC discord channel if it is not ( COMING SOON )
● All matches will be organized through the use of the chat channel in the discord. This is so that the admin can have access to discussion between teams if this becomes a dispute.
● The lobby will be created by the Battlefly tournament system. Players will simply enter the tournament code provided by Battlefly for the match to join the correct lobby.

  • In the game lobby, teams must place themselves in “LCS Order”, meaning that top to bottom, the player roles are:

1) Top

2) Jungle

3) Middle

4) Bottom

5) Support

Any teams intentionally abusing their player order in the lobby to misdirect and/or sabotage strategic scouting and champion banning may be subject to forfeit.
● Teams have a maximum of 15 minutes from the availability of their match. If they are not ready to start their match at 15 minutes they forfeit game one, at thirty minutes they forfeit game 2.
● Flaming or being disrespectful in chat is not allowed. Any team doing so will be told once to cease chatting in all chat, after that any further discussion in all chat by the warned team will be followed with a DQ (exceptions being asking for pauses, and
anything else of that nature)
● Battlefly match codes will automatically update the bracket with results, however we recommend taking a screenshot as backup proof of the match.

  • If there is a problem with inaccurate reporting, the admin must be notified and they will fix the inaccuracies in the bracket.
    ● Any complaints, and subsequent evidence, against another team in the tournament must be sent to the admin in a private message through the client, or through an e-mail provided by the admin.


Team Captains
Each team must select a single player as team captain. Captains are the point of contact between the team and tournament officials. In addition to their normal player responsibilities, the team captain also needs to:
● Communicate with the tournament officials on behalf of the team
● Communicate with other teams on behalf of the team
● Act as the final authority for team decisions during the tournament
● Communicate all required information to the entire team
● Accurately represent the opinions of the team as a whole
● Once a tournament’s in progress, team captains can only be changed at the discretion of the referees, usually only in the case that the captain can no longer participate in the tournament.
● Each team captain shall verify that every player on his/her team has finalized their intended game settings (including runes, masteries, controls, and GUI settings) before the game starts. Any error in verification is not grounds for a game restart after game starts.


In-Game Rules
● All games will be played in 5v5 matches on Summoner’s Rift.
● Any champion with a major rework or any champion released within 1 week of the event will not be enabled during the tournament. If there is any confusion please contact the tournament admin.
● Spectators are only to be enabled if both teams permit it. Or if that game is being streamed.
● Substitution of players must follow the following rules
○ Have not played for any other team during the tournament.
○ Must be of equal or lesser ranking than the person they are replacing if they are not on the official sub roster. (Example being a Plat 3 player may not replace a Gold 5 player)
● Games are to be played to completion on the day they are scheduled to take place. There are no reschedules permitted.
● If special circumstances present themselves, the admin will give a ruling to the affected team(s).


Stoppage of Play Rules
● Pauses are to be preceded with some variation of “pp” in all chat.
● Immediately after the pause, a member of the pausing team must explain the reason as to why the game has been paused.
● Any evidence of a team pausing the game to earn a strategic advantage will earn the team in question an immediate disqualification.
● If a disconnect occurs before First Blood or 5:00 after the match starts, a remake is permitted. If First Blood is determined or the 5:00 mark has passed, the game may not be remade.
● Once one of the conditions preventing a remake have been met, disconnects should be met with an immediate stoppage of the game.
● Teams may have the game paused only in the event of a disconnect and/or computer failure.
● Teams may only keep the game paused for a maximum of 15 minutes total in any given match.
● If the 15 minute mark has passed and the disconnected player has not returned, the affected team has the option of continuing the game 4v5, or forfeiting the game.
● In case of server failure, the Tournament Administrator will determine the next course of action.


Miscellaneous Rules
● The tournament admin has the final say on all rulings and calls, including situations not covered in these rules. The admin will make these calls in the interest of fair play and they are to be respected
● Any evidence of member or teams flaming that admin because of a call can be met with a DQ from the event/further events. All our organizers are volunteers and are trying their best to run a fair and fun tournament, not to be flamed for their actions.their best to run a fair and fun tournament, not to be flamed for their actions.