Frag 12 Tournament Rules

Admin – Eli Charles – Email – [email protected]

-All Games are run in Double Elimination style (Losing the set puts you in the losers bracket, a second loss eliminates you from the tournament)
– Please remember to turn off your device when you finish + please remember to forget all other devices on the console before you begin
-Accidentally pausing the game at any time during a match may force you to forfeit the round (Solely at judge’s discretion if there is a player dispute)
– You may not disrupt a player’s ability to play whether physically or visually.

Tekken 7 (PlayStation 4)
-Game Settings: Versus Mode, 60 Seconds, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games
– Default costumes only
– Stages are random select only. after every match you must go to stage or character select – no rematches
-The winners final, losers final and grand finals will play 3/5 Matches.