Frag 13 Tournament Rules

Frag for Cancer 13:  Hearthstone Tournament 4th Edition

Date and Time: November 3rd – November 4th, Starts at Noon

Admission: 20$

Details: Frag will provide tables, chairs and power – Wifi is available for everyone. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE, IN PERSON ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY.

Prizing: To be announced

Day 1: SWISS FORMAT! Conquest, Best of 5, 1 ban. Bring 4 unique classes. This will determine seeding for the following day.

Everyone will play the same amount of matches.

Day 2: LAST HERO STANDING! Best of 5, 1 Ban, Using the same decks from the previous day.

No Sideboarding, No entering your collections page during the tournament, No spectating other players if you are still competing, No Coaching. If you have a problem please contact Admin directly IMMEDIATELY.

(Banning will be done at beginning of every match)

Prizing will be given out for TOP 4 AFTER the last match has been completed on Day 2
Prizing will be given out to everyone else after they have been eliminated on Day 2