Frag 12 Tournament Rules* To be updated September 1st 2017 based on the current rule sets

Conquest Single Elimination (Will do double elimination if we don’t have very many people),

Format : Standard

It’s Time for Hearthstone @ Frag for Cancer!!
-Date and Time: November 26th, Starts at Noon
-Admission: 20$
-Rules: Standard, Conquest Single Elimination (Will do double elimination if not enough people), Best of 5, 1 ban. Bring 4 unique classes (Banning will be done at beginning of every match).
-Details: Frag will provide tables, chairs and power – Wifi is availible for everyone. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE, IN PERSON ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY.
Prizes: 250$ minimum in prizes to give away including Blizzard Mechandise, Gaming Accessories and much more. If more than 25 attend – We will be giving away 500$ in mechandise.

If you have any question or concerns please PM me or ask in event.