Frag 12 Tournament Rules*

Players must register as BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) to compete in DotA 2.

DotA 2 Bracketing

  1. A maximum of 8 teams will be permitted into the tournament.
  2. The tournament will start with a group stage of 8 teams split into 2 groups, with a total of 4 teams in each group.
  3. Each team will play every other team in their pool a total of two times.
  4. The 2 teams from each group with the best match record at the end of pool play will be seeded into the playoff bracket. The top team in Group A will play the second team in Group B, and the top team in Group B will play the second team in Group A.
  5. All playoff bracket games will be a Best of 3.
  6. The group stage will be played on Saturday, and the playoff bracket on Sunday.


DotA 2 Administrative Rules

  1. Steam Profile names must exactly match the names presented during team registration. However, clan tags may be added to the front of each name if desired.
  2. Players who are disqualified prior to the start of a Game will not be allowed to play in the Game.  Players who are disqualified during a Game must quit out of the Game.  Players who are disqualified won’t receive any benefits (seeding, prize, etc.) for their ranking in the Event. Such Players may also be subject to a Temporary Ban from future FFC events.
  3. All team captains must join the “FFC” channel in the DotA 2 client.
  4. All team captains must add the main admin on their friends list, in order to provide a method of private communication if necessary. The main captain will be identified in the FFC channel.
  5. All matches will be organized through the use of the chat channel and/or conversations with the admin directly. This is so that the admin can have access to discussion between teams if this becomes a dispute.
  6. If a Player fails to report to in game lobby within 15 minutes of their Match’s scheduled start time (Grace Period), they will Forfeit the 1st Game.  If a Player fails to report to their Station within 30 minutes of their Match’s scheduled start time, they will Forfeit the Match.
  7. Any team caught flaming or being disrespectful in chat will be disqualified without hesitation.
  8. Following the conclusion of the game, the winning team must report the results to the captain.
  9. If there is a problem with inaccurate reporting, the admin must be notified and they will fix the inaccuracies in the bracket.
  10. Any complaints, and subsequent evidence, against another team in the tournament must be sent to the admin in a private message through the client, directly to the admin in private, or through an e-mail provided by the admin.


Dota 2 In-Game Rules

  1. All games will be played in 5v5 matches.
  2. All lobbies will be played in Tournament Draft mode
  3. Cheats and bots are to be disabled.
  4. A coin toss will decide which team gets first pick. Whichever team correctly calls the coin toss may select either their preferred side of the map or their preferred pick order. The other team may select the option not chosen by the winning team. For example, if Team A wins the coin toss and wants First Pick, Team B may choose between Radiant and Dire.
  5. All games will be played on the US East server.
  6. Server location, pick order, as well as Radiant/Dire affiliation, will all swap from game-to-game in Best-of-3 matches
  7. The draft system will be the system used as of DotA patch 6.78c:

Ban Phase #1: [Team A/B/A/B]

Pick Phase #1: [Team A/B/B/A]

Ban Phase #2: [ Team A/B/A/B]

Pick Phase #2: [Team B/A/B/A]

Ban Phase #3:[Team B/A]

Pick Phase #3:[Team B/A]

  1. Any hero not available in Captain’s Mode will be unavailable for selection.
  2. Players may be changed in between games, so long as the player in question is registered as a member of the team as a substitute.
  3. Games are to be played to completion on the day they are scheduled to take place. There are no reschedules permitted.
  4. If special circumstances prevent themselves, the admin will give a ruling to the affected team(s).


Dota 2 Stoppage of Play Rules

  1. Pauses are to be preceded with some variation of “pp” in all chat.
  2. Immediately after the pause, a member of the pausing team must explain the reason as to why the game has been paused.
  3. Any evidence of a team pausing the game to earn a strategic advantage will earn the team in question an immediate disqualification.
  4. A remake of a game may only occur if the game is stopped before the 5:00 minute mark (not counting the 1:30 minute pre-game timer), first blood has not been earned, and Roshan has not been killed.
  5. If Roshan is slain, First Blood is determined or the 5:00 mark has passed, the game may not be remade.
  6. Teams may have the game paused only in the event of a disconnect and/or computer failure.
  7. Teams may only keep the game paused for a maximum of 15 minutes total in any given match.
  8. If the 15 minute mark has passed and the disconnected player has not returned, the affected team has the option of continuing the game 4v5, or forfeiting the game.
  9. In the case of a Steam Server failure, the Tournament Administrator will determine the next course of action.