Frag eSports Society

About Us

We are a volunteer led organization looking to promote eSports within the Atlantic Canadian Provinces.

Our Mission

Build Community

By hosting various video gaming events throughout the year. We strive to bring together thriving communities of gamer’s and local businesses to promote a safe and competitive eSports scene in our region.

Promoting eSports

By working with sponsors. We are able to bring some of the biggest eSports brands to our doorstep. Our goal is to give individuals access to technology and services that would otherwise not be available.

Donate Funds

By donating profits from all of our endeavors to a health-related organization of our choice.


Board of Directors

  • Joseph Allen

    Board Co-Chair

  • Benjamin Dexter

    Board Co-Chair

  • Katheryn Rheault

    Board Memeber

  • Kyle McKinnon

    Board Member

  • Irteza Hassan

    Board Member

  • Blake Smith

    Board Member

  • Jeremy Aalders

    Board Member

  • Vera Clabaugh