Fortnite Rules


  • Players should register at
  • Up to 12 (24 Players) duos will be available. Once sold out – additional spots may be able to be opened if power allows it.
  • Each selected duo will be placed in a double elimination bracket
  • Players may begin arriving 30 minutes prior to the tournament start.
  • Registration to enter facility will be at 5:00pm Friday November 8th
  • Tournaments start on November 9th at Noon.



  • Two teams will join the same lobby, and queue for a squads match
  • You are chasing eliminations only
  • The duo that gets the most total eliminations in that match be declared the winner



  • All games will be played on PC
  • This event will be BYOC ( Bring your own computer )
  • Please bring your own controller or keyboard/mouse if you have one that you like.
  • Players are not allowed to plug any devices, other than controllers, keyboards, mice into any PC.
  • Competitors are expected to start their game as soon as the game settings are verified and all hardware is confirmed to be working. There is no warm up allowed.
  • If a participant intentionally disconnects from the game, they will be disqualified. It is at the sole discretion of the tournament administrators as to what constitutes an intentional disconnect.
  • In the event of a game disconnection or stoppage in play not caused by an individual player, it is the responsibility of the disconnected player to reach out to tournament admins for a resolution. Disconnections are not automatic grounds for a loss unless determined by an administrator.
  • If a player doesn’t show up or isn’t logged in and ready at the designated set up time, the tournament official may disqualify them in order to keep things on schedule for the rest of the competitors.
  • Teaming is allowed. However, players cannot directly cause the death of their opponents.
  • All rulings are final and will be made at the discretion of ETB/Frag for Cancer Staff.
  • Examples of sabotage include but are not limited to:
    • Breaking or weakening opponent’s built or non built structures or cover by any means.
    • Causing opponents to miss shots or miss opportunities for advancing their scores in any way shape or form.
    • Building in front of your opponent.
    • Boogie Bombing your opponent.
    • The use of a boogie bomb on your opponent at any point in the game are subject to disqualification
  • Players can use the respawn vans! If they do not have their teammates revive card they cannot use the respawn van.
  • In the event of a persons player card being glitched into the map, the opposing team will have to determine if they wish to replay the map or not when it occurs. If a teams opponent does not wish to replay, the match results will stand.



You are eligible to enter the Tournament if you meet the following requirements at the time of entry:

  • You will be physically present at the LOCATION on DATE.



Players have a right to expect fair and balanced treatment during a tournament. Those players who knowingly do something against the rules to gain an advantage are cheating. Cheating doesn’t need to be successful to qualify as a violation. Examples of cheating include, but aren’t limited to

  • Ghosting, or any general attempt by a player to spectate his own match or get information from a person spectating the match
  • Any attempt to modify the Fortnite client, play on an unofficial Fortnite client or play with software that grants extra information not normally provided by the game client, such as:
    • Adjusting the in-game zoom
    • UI overlays to improve shooting or in-game notifications and awareness
  • Impersonating another player in the tournament, playing under false name, playing using another player’s Epic name or account sharing
  • Attempts to damage or alter equipment to trigger a pause, delay the tournament or gain any other advantage
  • Exploiting or intentionally using any in-game bug to seek an advantage. Exploiting includes, but is not limited to, acts such as:
    • glitches in weaponry,
    • glitches in player ability performance,
    • or any other game function, in the sole determination of the administrators.
  • Unsporting conduct is disruptive to the tournament and may negatively affect the safety, competitiveness, enjoyment or integrity of a tournament.

The penalty for cheating is a disqualification from the tournament, and any future tournaments.


COMPETITIVE INTEGRITYThese rules may be modified as necessary before or during the tournament to add further clarity, correct errors, or address a situation that is not already contained in the rules as of the first publishing. The goal of any edits will be to ensure a fair tournament through consistent rulings.

The Administrator may, at its sole discretion, disallow any controller and require the competitor to use an approved controller. This includes Keyboard/equipment drivers and software drivers and updates not already available on the tournament device provided by the Administrator. If you have any questions, please contact the Administrator before the tournament.

Graphic settings will be locked. You may not adjust any graphical settings in-game. This includes resolution.

Number of games played may be increased or decreased as necessary to ensure that the games are completed as per the intended structure of the tournament.



Pending confirmation of eligibility, potential prize winners will be selected by the Administrator or their agent based on the tournament placement for the event.

At the close of the event, the following prizes will be awarded based on placement to each player:




Winners will be selected at the end of the Tournament. Winners must provide a valid Epic Games Account Name and email to be awarded. If the potential winner cannot be contacted or cannot claim the prize for any reason, the player will forfeit their winnings and an alternate winner will be selected, if applicable.


By entering this Tournament, you agree to abide by the Official Rules; to release and hold harmless the Organizers and its respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees and agents from any and all liability or any injury, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with this Tournament or any prize won. By accepting a prize, Organizers may use of your proper name and province of residence online and in print, or in any other media, in connection with this Tournament, without payment or compensation to you, except where prohibited by law. We reserve the right to cancel, change or suspend for any reason, including cheating, technology failure, catastrophe, war or any other unforeseen or unexpected event that affects the integrity of this Sweepstakes, whether human or mechanical. If the integrity of the event cannot be restored, we may select winners from among all eligible entries received before we had to cancel, change or suspend the event.


If you send an email to [email protected] within 30 days of the respective tournament, we will provide you with a list of winners. This Tournament is sponsored by Enter the Bunker.


At Enter the Bunker, we are committed to protecting your privacy. Frag and its partners use the information you provide to notify prize winners, and to send you information about events hosted by Frag Esports. Frag Esports and its partners will not share the information you provide with third parties without your permission except where necessary to complete the services or transactions you have requested, or as required by law. Frag Esports is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Your personal information is never shared outside the company without your permission, except under conditions explained above.