Frag 12 will include a Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) section for the Personal Computer (PC) Tournaments. This is typically how PC gaming is handled at large LAN events and allows us to maximize the number of people who can participate at Frag for Cancer 12.

What is BYOC?

At a BYOC event, competitors are expected to bring their PC to use for the tournament they are participating in. We’ll provide you with a desk, chair, Ethernet port, and two power outlets. At registration you will be assigned a desk where you can set up your gear. That is your spot for the weekend, and unlike in previous years for Frag, PCs won’t be shared between players. There will be security measures in place to ensure that your gear stays safe.

What do I need to bring?

We will provide you with furniture and the ports you need, so bring everything else: tower or laptop, monitor, peripherals like mouse, keyboard, headset, mic, and all cables. We will probably have a few extra cables on hand if you forget anything, but don’t rely on that. Do NOT bring two monitors or monitors bigger than 24”. If you are bringing your own chair, do not bring one with wheels.

Anything else I should know?

The Dalhousie Student Union requires that all participants who leave equipment overnight at the venue sign a waiver that releases them from any liability associated with your participation in the event. The NEW Frag 12 waiver will be available for you to sign at the event and downloadable below. 
If you are a minor participating in BYOC, a parent or guardian will have to sign the waiver too, so if they’re not coming with you to Frag, please bring a signed form from a parent/guardian.

Please read over this BYOC GUIDE and WAIVER :